Ashley Graham Is the Queen of Beachy Beauty
Photo: Justin Ervin / Courtesy of @ashleygraham

For Ashley Graham, it seems that a baby bump is better in a bathing suit. The model—who is expecting her second child with husband Justin Ervin—has owned Instagram over the last few weeks, serving up photo after photo of a bared tummy that proves baby bumps and beach days are a natural fit.

The capture kick-off came in early August, when Graham posted a seaside snap featuring a topknot, gilded jewelry, and an exposed bump, along with the caption, “alexa, play ‘bump, bump, bump’ by b2k.’” Next came a slide post punctuated by green and tangerine suits, followed by a pink bikini moment in which Graham achieved a doubled-up glow, extra radiance provided by both the sun and her pregnancy. And yesterday, a trio of photos found Graham bikini-clad once more, her brunette bound in braids as she juggled phone calls and her son Isaac. The lesson? All “summer bodies” are meant to be shown off—and celebrated.

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