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The 10 Basic Sweaters Every Man Should Own in 2021

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The best sweaters for men are a lot like Pokémon: there are way more varieties than you ever realized, and the more of them you have the better. Unlike Pokémon, however, you won’t have to spend several months ignoring your family, dismantling your social life, and squinting at a Gameboy just to uncover all the essential sweaters a man should own—that’s what this article is for. We’ve determined the 10 foundational pullovers and cardigans you absolutely need in your wardrobe, and found the best versions of each for every budget. From the cable-knit classics to the unexpected swerves, the comfy cold weather layer has many forms. So become a knitwear master and catch ‘em all.

The V-Neck

After a few years out of the limelight—like post-baseball Jordan—the V-neck is ready to reclaim its menswear throne as the most versatile sweater in your closet.

The Crewneck

The heftier, snappier cousin of that Champion sweatshirt you love so much.

The Turtleneck

The easiest way to make just about anything—suits, trucker jackets, flannel shirts—instantly seem twice as cool.

The Mock Neck

The turtleneck’s looser, laidback younger brother.

The Sweater Vest

No sleeves, no problem. The sweater vest moment has been ramping up for several seasons and we’re totally here for it.

The Chunky Cardigan

On the best spring and fall days, these’ll be the only jacket you really need.

The Slim Cardigan

Best deployed under a blazer like a slightly cozier waistcoat, or over a buttoned-up polo for some bookish-‘90s-indie-frontman appeal.

The Cashmere Sweater

The swankiest, supplest form of high-quality wool is now more accessible than ever.

The Zip Sweater

Whether it’s a quarter-zip, half-zip, or full-zip, it’s been a staple of normie dads forever and, yes, it’s cool again.

The Polo Sweater

It’s a sweater with a collar, ya know what I mean?

The Swerves

Three sweater trends worth trying right now: a wild graphic intarsia sweater, a button-up collared cardigan (with off-the-charts texture), and a punk-inspired distressed pullover.

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